In Your Magic, I Will Fly

“I wish that I could fly like you.” Cried three-year-old Lucy, a sad look on her sweet face.

“What do you mean Lucy? Of course you can fly like me.” I answered, pausing from my childish skipping to kneel down before her. It was spring break and I was babysitting for my neighbours and thus, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell had entered the scene.

Lucy shook her head sadly and said remorsefully (she really was quite sad, by the way) “No, I can’t fly, not like you can. I’m just skipping.”

I nearly smiled at this for all I had done was move the coffee table out of the way and sprinted around the room, calling “I can fly! I can fly! Tinkerbell come catch me!” I too had merely skipped: there was nothing so very different that I was doing that she wasn’t. And yet, Lucy was convinced that I really had wings while she didn’t.

“You just have to pretend.” I said, smiling reassuringly.

“No, I can’t. That won’t be real.” Lucy answered back, just as miserably.

I thought for a minute. I wasn’t used to keeping up with this kind of imagination! “Well, I…I guess that you just need to have faith Lucy. You just have to believe that you are Tinkerbell and that you have wings and that you too can fly. See, like this!” I replied, getting up again and sprinting around the room, calling things like “I believe I can fly!”

Although my sprinting was no different from before, the words of faith and believe must have sparked something into Lucy’s mind for no sooner had I started up again, was she sprinting along behind me, a huge smile replacing the frown, and giggles emerging from her lips. She too had wings and she too could fly! For she had faith and she believed.

That was two years ago, and I’m still just sprinting around without any real power, without any real wings. Sometimes I get discouraged like Lucy and believe that I can’t do it. And sometimes, I just fall down or get dizzy (another thing that I did that day.) However, when I put my full faith in God, when I believe in Him, a certain magic appears and I can fly. Yes, I soar and I skim above the troubles and doubts, the hardships and anxieties when I have faith, when I believe in Him.

Give me wings so I can fly.

In your magic let me soar.

Send me far beyond the sky.

Where my troubles are no more.

An excerpt from one of my poems.  


6 thoughts on “In Your Magic, I Will Fly

  1. Wow, that really touched my heart. What a beautiful way of explaining faith and believing. I love it! And I loved the poem at the end.

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