What Is Beautiful?

Time and time again, I’ve asked myself: “Does this look good?” I’m constantly questioning my looks, changing my mind about how I should appear, and laughing at what I used to look like and how bad that was. It makes me wonder what is beautiful?

Throughout history, styles have changed: hair has gone up and down, and long and short, chest sizes have expanded and decreased, and the “ideal figure” has gone from plump to hourglass, to curvy, to slender to I don’t even know what. People have valued pale skin and others have created paint to make it just the opposite. At one time women spent hours before bed rolling their hair in rags and praying for curls…now they wake early to flatten any bit of wave  and hope that it will stay straight through the day. It makes me wonder what is beautiful?

Too many times, we are unhappy with how we look. Black tears roll down a female face, smearing the foundation that covers what she considers a disgrace. A girl lowers her eyes as she passes the mirror, not wanting to see the figure that she thinks is too fat and the complexion that is too red.  Another won’t go out unless her face is covered with a mask of make up. Still, the saddest of all stares at a rack of bones that she considers too fat and refuses to eat. It makes me wonder what is beautiful?

Because it’s certainly not these distortions I’m seeing.

Does beauty bring discontentment, sadness, and anger? Is it really about a certain measurement or colour of hair or skin? Why would beauty be different today than it was last year? Why should being beautiful be subjective?  How can true beauty be destructive? What is beautiful?

It doesn’t make sense to me. If it is always changing, than what is the point of beauty? If it is that subjective, how do you decide what is beautiful and what is not? If it is that destructive, then beauty is not really beautiful like we thought. Please tell me, what is beautiful?

The smile that is bright and the eyes that shine.

The ears that listen and the tongue that is gentle.

The hands that work hard and the hair that is messy from play.

The legs that walk with purpose and the neck that holds a wise head.

The back and the arms that carry children.

A woman who fears the Lord and a heart that is loving.

Beauty is you and  beauty is me.

Beauty is love and beauty is God.


8 thoughts on “What Is Beautiful?

  1. So true. The most beautiful people are sometimes the ones who go unoticed by many. Great post! Love your blog. 🙂


  2. Amazing post! I agreed Beauty is His love. I love the words that God has given you 🙂
    Amen Sister!

    Love you!

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