Because He Made Us Beautiful

I think it’s safe to say that every female has sat down in front of the mirror and said, “I don’t like this! I hate that! I’m ugly.”  We complain to the other people in our life that we’re “too fat, plain, acne ridden and…ugly.” We sit down to pray, and ask God to “change this”, “get rid of that,” and “make me beautiful.” And usually we do and say these things without a second thought, as if there were nothing wrong with putting ourselves down…but there is something wrong with it, something very wrong. It is wrong because when we diss our bodies, we are not treating the God who made us with respect, and we are lying to ourselves…because He made us beautiful.

Have you ever asked God what He thinks of you? Have you ever listened to Him? Because the things that He says as He looks at us are quite different from what we say to Him…

God loves us just the way we are. After all, He made us that way and He thinks it is good, perfect, and beautiful. When we diss ourselves in front of the mirror, or to others it makes Him sad. It is offensive to His creation. We are leaving truth and integrity behind and filling our mind with lies. Instead of bettering ourselves we are worsening our minds. When we pray those prayers asking for beauty, He tells us, though we may not listen, “You are already beautiful.”

The other night, I happened to hear His voice for once. It was so special, magical, and beautiful.

“But how can I believe it?” I asked.

“Instead of listing all of the things you hate, think of all of the things you like. Forget that you’re hair gets frizzy, that your skin isn’t perfect, and that you aren’t very tall…think of all the good things that you love.”

And so I thanked Him for…

My thick brown hair with its faint red and blonde highlights that glow in the summer summer sun.

My hazel eyes that are so unique and go with every colour, especially my favourite colour, purple.

My smile.

My small height and hour-glass like figure that allows me to wear belts and full skirts. 

My little hands.

It was such a refreshing prayer that afterwards I didn’t even feel like asking God to clear my skin. I forgot my wish to be taller, and that my hair gets kind of wild sometimes. Instead of the sadness, and dismay I’d experienced before, I felt secure, happy, and beautiful.

So now it’s your turn! List your favourite things about yourself (more than one!) that you consider beautiful. Ask God for His guidance, block out your insecurities, and think only positive thoughts. Please post what you are thankful for (if you want) in the comments, or on your own blog (and please leave the link so I can post it here (if you wish.)

Note: This post is not meant to show off or brag about ourselves but rather to appreciate, and value our outward beauty as human beings. While I understand, and regard inner beauty as the most important thing about a person, I also believe that feeling outward beauty is vital to our security, happiness, and self-esteem as girls, people, and Christians.


8 thoughts on “Because He Made Us Beautiful

  1. amen. amen. amen.

    I have little hands too. Violinist hands. I’m thankful.
    I have freckles and I’m thin and kinda tallish kinda mediumish.
    I have green eyes.
    I have naturally curly hair and for the longest time I hated it.
    but God showed me that it was beautiful..
    because He created it.

    And sometimes.. can’t lie.. I wanted more make up.
    more this.
    more that.

    but just like you were saying… God makes everything beautiful in it’s own way.
    Nothing is a mistake.
    No one is a mistake.
    We are beautiful.

    Love you!!

  2. Thank you for this post. I really needed to hear these words. I read this post last week, but I didn’t know what to write. I never really appreciated my outside physical appearance. Now I have a lot to be thankful. God showed me how I am beautiful on the outside this week.

    I have bright gold blonde hair when the sun shines on it.
    I am so thankful.

    I have baby feet that can fit in little kid shoes. I am proud to say that I sometimes shop in the little kid section.
    I am so thankful.

    I have a beautiful smile that lights up the room.
    I am so thankful.

    The list goes on. Thank you, beloved for posting this. It has really helped me this week. I pray that it will continue to help others.

    Love ya,

    • I’m so glad that this helped you and that God has showed you how beautiful you really are! This has been a journey for me as well and something that I’ve been trying to remember every day.

      And I shop in the kids section (sometimes), too! I’m pretty short so some of the bigger kid sizes work for me. It’s really awesome because it’s usually cheaper! We should definitely be thankful for that 🙂

      Remember, you’re beautiful!


  3. I’ve just been catching up with almost a month of your posts, Elizabeth! Thanks for the encouraging words on beauty — outward and inward. : ) Been thinking about this stuff lately too. A quote that I love in regards to outward beauty: “A smile is your best accessory!” 😀 So I try to grin a lot and I’m thankful for God giving me a big smile. =D Hope you’re well, my friend!

    • Thanks MaryAnna! I am glad to see that you’re back :). And I love that quote so much! Smiling really IS your best accessory. Good for you for shining your beauty with a radiant smile! You are beautiful!

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