Not In The Club

Sometimes, life has too many rules.

You can’t wear that…

You can’t do that…

You can’t say that…

You can’t be that…

To be a real Christian.

It seems like we have to follow a code to be ‘in the club.’

To be accepted, respected, and loved.

But is that really what being a Christian is about? Is that acceptance, respect, or love?

I’m all for following God with all of your heart. I believe in the Ten Commandments and I try to fulfill His desires. I know that there is right and wrong. I know that actions speak louder than words. I understand that we must live by example. I realize that following God is more than just talk….

But I still don’t get the rules. The ones that exclude, shun, and disgrace us. The ones that try to kill our faith, and mock our efforts. The ones that bring us away from God, and refuse to love. Are those what God really had in mind? Somehow, I don’t think so.

No, God didn’t want judgement, hurt, or lies. He doesn’t want people to be shunned, or taken down. He wants us to become nearer, not farther from him. He didn’t make the Christian life a club with a strict code. He wants love, not hate.

So forget the club and it’s code, and ditch the rules. God created us for something greater!


6 thoughts on “Not In The Club

  1. Hi, there!

    I found your blog on google and figured to check it out, I was planning on writing a post about blogs by inspirational teens and I think I’ll include yours. 🙂 I’m a Catholic teenager, so I know all about being left out of that “club.” People seem to have this misconception of Christians–they think we’re perfect, which isn’t the mistake. The beauty of Christianity and the idea of God’s love is about redemption. Jesus died for our sins. Does that mean we should just disregard the rules? No, but it means that God loves us and know we make mistakes! I guess I’m trying to say that I agree with you–Christianity isn’t supposed to be about ‘rules’ and being ‘strict’ and ‘cold’…it’s about having FUN because we know that our life is a wonderful blessing.

    • Thank you so much! 🙂

      And I am so happy to meet you! I love ‘meeting’ other Christian teens through blogging and I look forward to checking your blog out.

      Praise God for His love and redemption that frees us from the rules!


  2. I think when we start talking about rules and how we shoudl live our lives, the world makes their perception of “Christians” becomes foggy. They see us be mean to someone or maybe we say ugly words…they think we are hypocrites. And let’s not forget about other Christians judging other becomes complicated. We do not need to have to fit into the world, and we definitely have nothing to prove to others. You’re so right! I think when a person has mastered the concept of love then they are able to live their lives honorable to Christ. Yes, Christians have rules, but we also have the Father send His Spirit to help us. It is simply beautiful!

    Love you!

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