A Beautified Life

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Tonight my Socials books are open, and my hands are typing notes at an obsessive rate. My brain is trying to cram as much information into my memory as it can for my big Social Studies final tomorrow. Unlike some students may be though, I’m not bored or sleepy. No, instead my emotions are stirred, and my eyes grow sharper at each word. I’ve been in this course since September, and I have heard this stuff before many times but still it generates new amazement, shock and horror in my mind.

Hatred. Riots. Genocide. It makes me shudder. Bombs that killed. Bombs that were mistakes. U-boats that sunk supply ships. What were they thinking? Internment camps. Auschwitz. The Final Plan…It brings tears to me eyes. All because they weren’t the ‘right kind of people.’ How could such hatred exist?

It wasn’t just one man, or one time. It was a group of people. Confused people. Sinful people. Wrong people. And they weren’t just in “foreign” countries but in my country, in Canada…”enemy aliens” were sent to live in Internment camps, their possessions were sold, and they were treated with horrible disrespect. A group of Jews on the St. Louis ocean liner were sent back to death in Europe because Canada did not think they would be the “right fit.” Where was the love?

But there was another man, who emerged in a very different time, amongst an extremely similar group of people. He was a King, and He claimed to have power. But His power was different…oh so very different that it cannot be compared to the others. He had the power of love…true power. And with that love, He was nailed to a cross. Humiliated. Beaten. Torn. Killed. Just like the victims of war.

And He came for those people…the unjust and the victims alike, those with brown hair and black eyes and the others with blonde hair and fair skin, the disabled and the healthy…anyone and everyone. He used His power for good, for people, for Love. Because of Him, we have hope. While there may be wars, and injustice, people dying and children crying, we all, no matter what we have done or will do, look like, or where we are from, can have the promise of eternal life in Heaven with Him. We just have to believe and love Him.

Now I ask, how  could such love exist? How? For a person like me, for a people like us. It isn’t possible but it is.

It’s a mess, yes. But Jesus came and saved that mess and turned it into something beautiful. He changed our hatred to love, and gave us a promise that will never be broken. He came to save you! It’s something worth living for, something worth the strife. Jesus offers a beautified life. If you haven’t already asked Jesus into your heart, I encourage you to think about His promise and accept it for yourself.


6 thoughts on “A Beautified Life

  1. Thank you for reminding me of the horrors of WW2. It has never become old to me. No matter how many times I hear it, I am still shocked at how inhumane people could be. Yet how inhumane we treated the real King of Kings when He was here for all mankind! Thank you. God Bless!

  2. What a great post! There’s a quote that comes to mind…”those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” It is so sad, the stuff that happens in wars–or, more specifically, the stuff that causes wars. Concentration Camps, 9/11, etc. It’s also sad about the means that we must go to end wars, like dropping atomic bombs–while it did end the war (and is possibly the reason I’m here typing this, as my grandfather was a soldier in WW2 that likely would have been killed if not for the abombs), it was such a terrible thing.

    I like the point you’re getting at here–where was the love? It reminds me of the homily from a few Sundays ago, my priest was discussing how people ask “Where is God when things like the Japan disasters and the Joplin tornado happen?” and he said “You find him there in the rubble with the people, ready to help them rebuild and have hope.”

    Excellent post! I can’t seem to master the way you put God’s grace into your post, you write about His miracles so well, whenever I try to, I end up with posts like my latest. . .sigh. You are gifted! Good luck on your final! 🙂

    • That quote is so true and SO sad. It is amazing (and grieving) to read the complete history of the twentieth century (something I’d never done until this year)…it is interesting yet awful how World War 1 and the mess that wasn’t cleaned up after it led to a second World War. The bombing in Japan is one of the most heartbreaking things ever. It ended the war, but at a terrible, terrible cost.

      I love that homily! It is SO true! Even though we may not realize it, Jesus is always there with us in the worst of times.

      I love your blog, too! You ARE very gifted yourself 🙂

  3. I am in awe of how beautiful your posts are. Thank you for the interesting and thought-provoking post!

    Love you,

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