Never Alone

Mighty to Save played softly in the background and hushed voices spoke all around me. I sat there in my pretty red dress, meditating on the sermon and unwilling to leave at present. There was something more for me here today. I didn’t know what but there was.

The sermon had been on sin and leaving it behind and becoming holy. It was very good and had reminded me of things in my own life. I tried to think on it, assuming that was what kept me here in the library after church at acting school today. However, God had other plans.

“Elizabeth,” a Voice came, clear and true as ever. “You don’t have to be alone.”

The Voice took me by surprise. It was not because it was there, but rather, what it had said. I wasn’t thinking about friendship or loneliness at that moment. I was trying to meditate on the sermon and my own sin. However, it definitely wasn’t far off from where my thoughts had been lately. It was the end of my second week at the school, and while I had felt enormous companionship with my new friends and realized the great love that I possessed for my dear friends back home, I had also found myself to be lonely at times. In fact, in the last little while I had realized that much of my life had been spent in loneliness. I had never had that one person that was all to my self and I wanted that. Yes, I had God but still the desire for someone else remained. Someone specifically mine who would never, never leave me.

At the moment that I heard the voice, all of these thoughts and insecurities were pushed aside. Instead, a deep happiness filled me and I began to cry. Random thoughts from the last two weeks and this past year of healing filled my mind. The conversation about missions and the friend that made me truly feel what I had been trying to believe. The opening up about my struggles the very first week. The people who asked me what my name was and got to know me. The only girl at the summer school who called me Liz. Feeling down on our day off and being rescued by a dear friend….

And then, the prophecy truly unfolded. One of the counselors came and sat beside me, touching me on the shoulder as she did so.

“Hey,” she smiled and I grinned back. My heart jumped for joy. I wanted to find the words to tell her that I had been crying because I was happy and that she was fulfilling God’s promise but I couldn’t find my voice.

We sat there for a long, long time. Sometimes I would try to sing, but I mostly just sat back in my chair, with my hands folded in my lap, looking to my right to see if the counselor was still there…and every time I looked, she was! I kept expecting her to leave but she didn’t. I wondered if I should say something to make her stay but I couldn’t find the words. I started to cry again and she held me close to her. I stopped and we sat still again. People started filing out of the library and I still expected her to do so…but she didn’t. I knew that I was not alone.

“Thank you for sitting with me,” I said, turning to her, a smile on my lips.

And then she told me that when she had first come over, God had told her to tell me that He never makes mistakes, and that I was loved.

I smiled and told her what God had promised me right before she came.

She didn’t leave then either. We walked out together and had lunch across from each other. When we met in the halls after that, we always smiled and said hello. And over the next week, I began to notice that I really, truly did have other friends who genuinely cared about me as much as I did about them. God was right, I didn’t have to be alone.


7 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. Wow, Liz. Great writing again! Even though I’m miles away, I’m still here if you need me! Call/email/Skype anytime. Prov. 17:17.
    Your friend,

    • Thank you so much, Kaleigh!!! I hope you don’t think that my loneliness ever had anything to do with you! It was more a matter of myself and how I viewed my life. You have always, always been a wonderful and true friend! I am so blessed by you. 🙂

      • No, I wasn’t thinking that way. You’ve been a great friend too! I always know that I can talk to you about anything and you will respect my beliefs. Thank you!

  2. This is a great post. God really does tell us the things that we’ve been thinking about, even if they’re not on our mind at the second He does. Just incredible. And He is right–you never have to be alone! 🙂

  3. Thank God for the words He told you. I love that! He really works in mysterious ways. I am inspired by this post. 🙂

    Love you!

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