Too Beautiful

I’ve always been a Christian. Well, ever since I was four years old at least. Growing up homeschooled and in a church, I knew more Christians than non-Christians. For the longest time I thought that forms of taking God’s name in vain were the swear words. By the time that I was fifteen, God was everything to me. I professed my faith, and headed off on a missions trip to Mexico. Today, my faith is even bigger and stronger, but the new world around me is crumbling apart.

“There just stories to inspire people.”

“People like Albert Einstein just used religion to help them when they were having trouble with their work. It helped him because he thought it helped.”

“I believe in the things that have been proven like sure, Jesus was a prophet who walked on the earth, but how can I believe that he rose again after he was crucified. There isn’t any proof.”

“I don’t think that God exists.”

I’ve heard it all said by now, and for a moment I feel like a fool. A man dying for the sins of the world and rising from the dead does sound strange when you think about it. I can’t actually see the face of God either. How do I know that He exists? What am I to say now?

But then I look around me. I see the trees and sunshine and the bright blue sky, the ocean and waves and the sand. So beautiful. I look at people, each unique yet perfect with their shining eyes that see so clearly, bodies that can dance and jump and run, minds that think up great poems, stories, ideas, and emotions, and voices that convey these thoughts. So beautiful. I think of where I am today. I remember the sorrows that I have been through, the pits I’ve fallen into, and I realize that I have come quite far. So beautiful.

Now, I wonder at them. I don’t like to call names but really, it is foolish not to believe in God. There is such beauty in life that the world and humans could not have just “happened.” We cannot just exist and go through trials and pains and come out of them without a good and gracious God overseeing and helping us. It’s too beautiful for words, really. Too beautiful not to have been created by an infinite, eternal, and loving God.

When you ask me why I believe in God, I can only say this: “Why don’t you believe in Him?”


6 thoughts on “Too Beautiful

  1. WONDERFUL post and so very true! People ask me commonly, “Why should I believe in God? What has He done for ME lately?” and I’m merely shell shocked. I usually respond “everything” or “did you see the sun rise this morning?”

    The other day, I had a moment like this. I was drifting off, dozing off in my own mind, and I all of a sudden looked into the mirror across the room. I saw my reflection, saw the sunlight in the room, my pets, my family around me, and I was like, “God did this for me!”

    The sad part is, the Atheists I know. . .I think they’re scared. They’re sad. They’re lonely. And I think the idea of someone loving them so unconditionally like Jesus scares them. How frightening. :/

  2. Amen sister! I love this post. I’ve been dealing with a lot rlately but when I wake up in the morning and see the beauty that God has created, it is all worth it. I love how beautiful He created the stars, the moon and sun, bunnies, giraffes, and much more. He did it, not anyone else. Praise God for He deserves the Glory! 🙂

    Love you!

  3. Hello!
    My name is Anders and I found your blog today and read this blog post.
    I believe in the Creator.

    You wrote: “Jesus was a prophet who walked on the earth, but how can I believe that he rose again after he was crucified.”

    I would like to comment about that in order to be helpful.

    I was a devoted Christian between 2001 and 2007, but later changed religion when I found out who the historical Y’hoshua – the Jewish Messiah was.

    The historical person was called Y’hoshua – the Jewish Messiah. He grew up in Galilee and lived in the first century. Did you know that many words that are attributed to him was not said by him – including much of the content in the “gospels”, but was redacted by Hellenists: Documentation: Link? I write you this since you rely on NT, which was never endorsed by the followers of Rabbi Y’hoshua. On the contrary they didn’t accept it, since it contradicts Torah [the books of Moses]. [Documentation on the above link.]

    He was crucified, was in a coma and was enlivened from the dead after three days and three nights, and died later by his wounds after 40 days.

    Following the human Jewish Messiah called Y’hoshua leads oneself into non-selectively observance of the commandments of Moses to ones utmost, including an immensely meaningful relationship with the Creator.

    Kind regards,
    Anders Branderud

    • Hi Anders,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I also believe in the Creator. However, I believe that He sent His son, Jesus, who died on the cross and rose again after three days for my sin. I appreciate that you want to help me but that phrase was not meant as a question. I know the answer and that is that Jesus has saved me from death. By no means do I know everything about God and the bible but I do have a strong faith in God and that His son, Jesus, is the messiah who has saved me.

      As for the new testament, it is indeed different than the old testament. However, that is because Jesus has set us free through His blood on the cross! In the NT, we no longer have to make sacrifices etc. because Jesus has already paid the price. I know that many followers at that time did not agree, but I believe that the NT is still the God-inspired bible (just as the OT is) and I rely on it’s words with great faith.

      Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion (as I am to mine). I don’t mean to be rude in my comment, just nicely disagree with you.

      God bless,

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