The Most Excellent Way

The room was dark, but over fifty candles lighted it with a great brilliance. Then, we all started to sing, and the excellent beauty of it caught me by surprise. I wanted to cry and laugh and sing and jump. Instead, I just stood there, mesmerized by the feeling I was given, when the boy I’d called my “secret friend” for the last three weeks of acting school walked up to me.

“Thank you,” He said, with a strong smile on his face. We embraced, and I would have cried if I could have.

“You’re welcome,” I murmured.

“You were a great secret friend,” He spoke sincerely and looked straight into my eyes. “You don’t know how encouraging those everyday verses were.”

Now I smiled. “I’m glad,” I said. “I really enjoyed being your secret friend. You are a wonderful person.”

Every word that I said was true. Right from the start of our “secret friendship,” this boy had been a great object on my mind. I don’t know what it was about the concept but it excited me so much that I started planning for it the first night, even before we’d drawn names. The next day, I remember staring at his name, then just a title to me, and wondering how I could encourage this stranger. But apparently, I did…

Through Smarties and verses, a notebook he needed and a poem I wrote, I wooed him. I sat beside him at lunch and tried to transfer every fibre of his being to my mind. In acting and dance and leadership, I encouraged him. I walked through Wal-Mart, staring at books and cookies and garden rakes, wondering what he would like. I listened intently when he talked. Every morning or evening, I stealthily handed his gifts to other people. I stayed up late reading my bible for the perfect verse, and prayed for him every morning. I smiled when he wore my necklace and carried my jaguar stuffy. I sacrificed, gave, and loved and the feeling it gave me was so beautifully excellent.

I went to bed with him on my heart. It was strange, but I missed being his secret friend. I wanted him back to encourage and buy gifts for. What has happened to me? I asked God in desperation.

“My child,” He said. “You have learned the most excellent way…to love.”

And indeed I had.


6 thoughts on “The Most Excellent Way

  1. ❤ As usual, I love your post! You sum so much up in so little time, it's great. Your blog is a breath of fresh air in a boring day!

    God does really teach us how to love sometimes, doesn't He?

  2. Now, Craig… when you say “embrace”, you mean…? There are many ways to interpret that word, you know, and I’m not quite sure how you meant it… care to explain?

    Your buddy and curious kindred spirit,

    • Hi Gilbert,

      Your question makes me laugh! Though it is a good point, I agree (although I never thought of it while writing this post). To embrace (in this situation) just means a hug. I’m actually not really sure why I didn’t just write that…I guess that I thought embrace was more unique. I don’t know. You always raise interesting thoughts in situations! 🙂

      Kindredly yours,

      PS I’ll get back to you about the movie soon! (Sorry, I was out all day and now I am getting obsessed with fixing my “About Me” page!)

  3. Beautiful post. It reminds me of an experience in high school where I tried so hard to help a good friend of mine. We met as strangers,but left with each other in our hearts because God had taught me how to love 🙂 Continue to love

    Love you!

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