Even In The Rain

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below…”

We stood there, crammed inside of a tiny basement, all two hundred and something of us, in our robes and head coverings, armour and dowries.  It was raining hard outside but there was a show to perform. It was a play that was very important to God, a story that must be told, and we were going to do it, even in the rain.

And eventually it stopped, and we got out there in our robes from long ago, barely hiding 2011 running shoes and rubber boots. We acted and sang and told a story, ran down hills and almost slipped and felt cold and wet and miserable. It was difficult but we did it because we had a message to bring, even in the rain.

Eventually, we stopped the performance. It was just too dangerous. And so, we took our armour off, headed to busses, and made our way home. But our blessings and God were not forgotten, even in the rain.

Satan did not win that day. No, even in the rain that He sent to hinder us, passion burned within our souls and fought to glorify God. And it did. We performed the Love of a time gone by that is ever relevent today. We did not give up sharing God’s gift, even in the rain.

That day happened just over a month ago but it’s remembrance still brings happy tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. It reminds me that each day that I am given must be lived for the full and beautiful glory of God, no matter what stands in my way.  Jesus deserves my praise. After all, He sacrificed everything for me so why should I not share that with others?

Yes, God, even in the rain will I praise your name!


3 thoughts on “Even In The Rain

  1. ❤ I love this post, it reminds me of a song by Adele–"Set Fire To The Rain."

    Not even the worst of weather–hurricanes, snowstorms, and earthquakes–can stop passion for God.

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