Nothing Short Of Beautiful

“Oh, just so you know,” he got up out of the bench and looked into my eyes from where I was, across the room. “You are beautiful.”

A great joy filled me. “Thank you!” I replied, skipping out of the room. It wasn’t until I got to the hall that I realized that he had indeed called me beautiful. Yes, beautiful, those words that my heart had hungered to hear in description of me for so long. The words that my ears had likely heard time and time again throughout my life, but that my heart had never believed. But now, I knew that it was true…I was beautiful!

As I got ready for bed that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about my friend’s words. There was no romantic attraction on either side, and I had recently come to know his words myself but still they meant the world to me. I guess it was the confirmation that I was indeed what I had been trying to accept for so long. It was the truth of God, being spoken by a human being. Regardless, as I looked into the mirror that night, I truly felt beautiful.

I thought of the powder that I still wore a bit of, and the tubes of make-up I’d brought to acting school “just in case.” “No,” I said aloud. “I don’t need them anymore. I will never wear make-up again.”

And then I realized that nobody else needed make-up either. I looked at my friends, the other girls at the acting school, and saw their true, natural attractiveness. I watched sadly as some of them loaded up on make-up, consciously or unconsciously, and covered what God made to be beautiful. I saw them worry about mascara running and foundation smearing. I tried to reassure them, to help them understand that they were pretty, and attractive. Because we are nothing short of beautiful.

Yes, blue or brown or green or grey eyes. Thick or curly or straight hair. Tall or short, fine-boned or plump. Little feet or long legs, a small chest or rosy cheeks. It is all beautiful. The acne, weight, height or other “imperfections” that you have don’t change a thing. There is no make-up needed. You are nothing short of beautiful.

But why, why can’t we all see and believe it? Why do girls keep hiding behind eye-shadow and foundation and believing these lies? Why does the world say that we have to be this or that to be beautiful? Why can’t we all stop and realize that God made us and we are nothing short of beautiful?

I encourage you to realize the truth today…that you are beautiful. Please, never believe anything different! Encourage others around you and never feel the need to measure up to anyone else. God made you to be nothing short of beautiful and He is pleased with you.



4 thoughts on “Nothing Short Of Beautiful

  1. ❤ I thought I was going to start crying when I read this post. It gets SO frustrating to see all the boys chasing after girls who cake on makeup…and I feel as though my own natural face isn't enough. It's so easy to fall into the scam that makeup promises, that people tote around like some sort of recipe: first, apply primer, then liquid foundation, then powder, then concealer, then eye cream eye shadow eye this eyeliner, blah, blah, BLAH! You've described it like 'wearing a mask', which I agree with! I hate it. I love the feeling of being able to go dance in the rain without having to freak out about makeup being ruined.

    But God made us this way. He made everybody beautiful in their own way. Even without makeup, though, it is important to look your best and look good! Be healthy! The best beauty comes from natural beauty–acne, which is a common reason people use tons of makeup–is easily cleared up by drinking tons of water, eating lots of fruits and veggies, and maybe even medicated acne cream! I clean my face every night and morning. I dress well. I do something with my hair. If I wear makeup, it's very little: some mascara (but only on the tips) and occasionally some blush or lip balm. The marketplace likes to sell us the idea that we shouldn't wear LESS makeup, just wear "organic" makeup. . .which is ironic, considering the "natural beauty" products are generally expensive and made of chemicals. Why not, instead, use God's resources? Accentuate your positive features–don't hide behind a mask! ❤

    • I totally agree with you about taking care of yourself and looking your best. I believe that it is a big part of glorifying God. And make-up isn’t exactly a sin…I just find it alarming that so much emphasis is placed on it “beautifying” us girls. It can also be addicting for some people (like me) so in that case, its best not to wear it. 🙂

  2. I was just praying and talking to God about this earlier this morning. I was asking Him if I am beautiful because I don’t wear make-up, but in fact it is what makes me:me. I love how you use your stories to get the word out that every person is beautiful 🙂

    Love you!

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