The Promise

Once upon a time, He made her a promise. It was a long, long time ago. Before the world or she had even begun. But still He made it, with the full intent, ability, and love to keep it. The promise was love, eternal.  

Later, she made Him a promise. At four-years-old, one is not expected to make a promise to keep but she did and she intended to keep it. “I will always, always love you,” she told Him, fully meaning what she said.

The years went by, and both promisers kept their promises. He always loved her, and she, though not flawless like Him, tried her best to love Him, too. It was the promise to love, for always.

One day, the girl met a boy. This wasn’t just any boy though for the girl had met many and none had so pleased her as this one. The boy was tall, handsome and smart and showed great interest in her. The boy flattered her more than ever before, and the girl thought that surely she would marry him when she grew old enough. Sure enough, the boy felt the same way and since they were young they made a promise to always be friends and tell the other if their feelings changed. The promise to love, as long as their hearts could.

But as she promised the boy her love, the girl slowly but surely forgot to love Him. He kept wooing her though, like a long, lost, and persistent lover. Sometimes she turned and gave Him a smile, but most of her love went to the boy. But the promise from Him remained: the promise to love, not forgotton.

One day, the boy phoned the girl. The boy fulfilled the bargain of the promise, but not to the end that she had wanted. He said, “I don’t feel the way that I did…” She cried, and broke her promise to him to always be friends. And in turn, the boy broke his. The promise to love, broken.

He was still there though, waiting through the storm for the girl that He loved to change her mind and turn back to Him. And He welcomed her with open arms, forgetting her broken promise and loving her like always. He sheltered her, cleaned her wounds, and wiped away her tears. The promise to love, redeemed.

And He is still there, although the boy is not, for He is perfect in love and promise. It wasn’t that the boy was bad, but rather that He is flawless and best for the girl. He had the ability to love her always, but the boy did not. He would never let her go, unlike the boy. The promise to love, forever.


4 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. Great post as usual. Sometimes, we put other things before God and we don’t even realize it until He is standing on the other side of the darkness, waiting for us to come back to Him. My priest says it should go something like this: “God first, family second, friends and strangers third.”

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