Not A Judge

It happens the minute I enter the room. I look at their clothes, the way that they walk, and how they talk and suddenly, from my short analysis, I know everything. Or everything, at least, that I need to know. It’s the judgement.

From these observations, I either like or dislike, befriend or snub, talk to or ignore this person. I can tell what kind of individual they are, and I treat them as such. There is no consideration for anything other than the surface, no thought for the whys or hows of their dress or conduct, just the judgement.

It pains me to say it, but I am so guilty of this cruel action. I’ve done it not once but countless times to a thousand people. I see what they wear, hear their few words, and watch their personality and suddenly, I know them. I forget their hearts, their minds, feelings, and pasts and instead I focus on judging them.

And then there is the day when I realize that I have been oh, so wrong. Yes, very wrong. The clothes that they wear aren’t because of what I thought at all. The words that they said that day don’t define their personality as I assumed. Their conduct has to do with something deeper than I ever dreamed. I have merely dismissed the heart and judged the surface. In judging, I’ve missed the most important part of the person.

It’s far past my time to stop this judgement. I should have changed long ago. All I can say now is this: “I’m not a judge but I’ve acted like one. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”


8 thoughts on “Not A Judge

  1. What an amazing post, Elizabeth!
    I know exactly what you are talking about, because I am guilty of exactly the same thing.
    Keep up the great posts!

    • Thank you so much, Sarah! Your encouragement is always so wonderful.

      It’s a hard thing to stop, isn’t it? I found myself doing it today while waiting for the bus. Ugh. I guess its something that most of us Christians are guilty of and people, for that matter. I think it makes us “feel” more secure or worthy though really it tears our relationship with God and others apart.

  2. I really understand where you’re coming from here. If I judged my friends by the easy things–appearance, way of talking, etc–I don’t think I’d have ANY friends in real life. Only God can judge people fully.

    That’s not to say we shouldn’t be…wary…of people we don’t know, though. That goes for any strangers, though, not just the people we’d consider ‘creepy’ or snobby.

    • Yes, we totally need to be wary in any situation really (something dangerous can happen wherever, whenever.) I was more talking about thinking “that person looks this way because he/she wears those clothes/said that thing.” It may well be true but it also may not be. We need to give them a chance and also leaving the judging up to God (even if they are wrong, it isn’t our place to judge them.) Anyway, that’s what I was getting at 🙂

  3. This is right on topic with the way I behave. I know that I need to stop judging and just love a person for who they are. I think I have gotten past that. Now I need to focus on keeping who they are in my mind so I don’t assume anything about that person. This is a hard habbit to break. It has been said that within the first four seconds of meeting a person you already have judgmed them. I pray that God will help you with this. It is not easy,but God will help you keep your thoughts pure and righteous to Him.

    I love you, sis!

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