What If It’s Love?

Sometimes, I get wrapped up in the rules. I worry too much about the length of my skirt or the tightness of my shirt. I try to be as proper as I can be. I hope that other people can see how good I am being, and I judge those who don’t do what I do.

But no matter how hard I try, it isn’t good enough. My skirt is always too short and my shirt too tight. I’m never proper, and people don’t notice me. And I feel rotten. Being a Christian doesn’t save me when I focus on pleasing the flesh.

Lost and weary from trying so hard and never succeeding, I cry and try again. But it still doesn’t work. Because when I strive for other people to notice my faith, I’m striving for human acknowledgement. I want the approval of man, not God. And men look at the outside, and often dislike what they see and disappoint us with their actions. There is no hope with man for the flesh cannot fulfill us.

So, what is it about then? What am I to strive for? I’m no expert on this subject but I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s love. Yes, love. Maybe it isn’t about rules or laws or judgement or being the ‘proper Christian.’ Because when Jesus came, He didn’t care much for those rules and regulations either. He just made friends with everyone, whether they were a prostitute or a tax collector. He didn’t judge or hate or degrade, because unlike man, God looks at the heart and loves no matter what.

So now, finally, love is what I’m going to live. Yes, I am changing my heart at last. I’ll strive to be the best Christian that I can be, but I’m not going to do it for man, but for God. And most of all, I’m going to love, because that is what being God’s child is all about.


7 thoughts on “What If It’s Love?

  1. ‘My skirt is always too short and my shirt is too tight.’ Elizabeth! This is a wonderful post, as usual. Have I mentioned that I am envious of your writing skills? Geez.

    You make an excellent point here when you say, “when Jesus came, He didn’t care much for those rules and regulations either.” Jesus was a really awesome person, which made people bond with Him and really get close to God. 🙂 I swear, this post is so greatly timed, as my church’s homily yesterday was about an old quote: “Their church is made of wood, but their people are made of gold.”–we talked about how differently God sees things than we do. 🙂

    • Wow, thank you, Kate! You don’t know how much that means to me! But I must say that you have an EXCELLENT writing style as well! Your blog is truly one that I look forward to, and check often!

      I agree — Jesus was awesome! Understatement but what can we say, really? 🙂

      That’s really neat! And such a true quote, too! Isn’t it interesting how God works? My mom said that our pastor (I wasn’t at church on Sunday) just preached on a similar subject the other day. I love it when God does things like that! 🙂

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