Because God Shows Up

People say that there is no God. They claim that since He is not visible, that God is not real. But I wonder how they can say that when really, God is all around them. Yes, He is visible for all to see — in the trees and mountains, white-tailed robins and timid fawns, and you and me. God shows up.

Once, I was stuck in a pit of gloom but He rescued me. Yes, He took my hand and carried me out and into this wonderful perspective that I now see the world from. I know it was Him because of His word, the way that He spoke, and the promises fulfilled. No other could do it so well because God shows up.

I was at camp this past weekend. I didn’t think I was able to go because of other commitments, but still He sent me. Other people were there who shouldn’t have been — kids from broken, non-Christian homes, kids that had turned away. But by His grace, they were there, living for Him. A couple of kids got lost in the woods and almost had to spend the night outside but He rescued them before darkness came. Rain turned to sun. My once unmotivated, tired heart came home vigorous and ready. Yes, God shows up.

How can you explain God and His miraculous existence? What word can define His love? Why does He do the things that He does? I cannot answer one of those questions. Yes, I am still searching for the answers. But I still argue and know that He exists, because God shows up.


4 thoughts on “Because God Shows Up

  1. God really does show up everywhere. I was at the doctor’s office yesterday: scared and alone. So I thought. God showed up, and He held my hand through it all. No matter what “bad” news the doctor gave me, I know God was with me. He is so faithful!

    Great post!!!! 🙂

    • I’m glad to hear that you felt God’s presence at the doctor’s office! I hope and pray that everything is OK. One thing is certain: God will NEVER leave you! He loves you so much, Avonlea!


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