Part 1: All Of My Desires

Desires. We all have them. Whether big or small, our hearts are always yearning, ever hoping for something or someone or both.

As a hopelessly romantic seventeen-year-old girl, you can only imagine how full of desire my heart is right now. People say I’m lucky to have the rest of my life ahead of me to do with what I want. And they’re right — it is nice to know that, if God wills it, I have a wide future stretching out before me. On the other hand, it’s quite aggravating to have such a long road that is so full of experiences, people, and events that I do not know about. Because like I said before, my heart is simply bursting with desire — for life, love, adventure, and excitement. But my desire cannot be met now, no, not yet. I have to wait. And in this waiting, I do not know if my desires will indeed be fulfilled.

Sometimes I just get so discouraged about this whole desire thing. I know it seems sort of silly but really, I do. I’ll sit in my room and stare at the wall, wondering the hows and whys and whats of my life. I pray to God in these times and His answer is always simply this, “Give them to me.”

“But how can I just give them up?” I ask. These desires aren’t just little girl wishes for a doll or a child’s hankering for the last cookie in the jar. My heart is real and full of hopes and dreams that have been built for my whole life-time. My desire is strong, I can’t just let go…or can I?

You  can,” He says. “Please, give them to me and I will set you free. You know I always have before when you have surrendered. Do it again, my child. Please.”

It’s hard but I know He is right. God has more than proven to me on many occasions that He can take care of my desire better than anyone else. So, here goes. I’m giving it all to you, Lord. Here’s my list of hopes and dreams. I’m giving you my desires. Take them now and let them be what you want.

My desires…

To do well in my final year of highschool. Build better relationships with my family, friends, and people I don’t even know yet. Get accepted to my dream university and go there next year. Go back to Mexico. Become fluent in Spanish. Finish my novel and get it published. Act somewhere big. Find someone who loves me…who I can share my life with…marry him and have a family of my own.

I encourage you to write down your desires, too and surrender them to God! In the next part, we’ll talk more about trusting God with these desires. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Part 1: All Of My Desires

  1. I love this. He is so right when He says that He can take care of them. 🙂

    I do not know my desires at this time, but I do know that I want to go to Africa, build an elementary school, and teach there.

    All the Glory to Him!

    • I pray that you will be able to do all of this, Avonlea! But more than that, I know that God has put you in a place that is exactly right (though it might not always seem like it) for you and His plan. Keep trusting Him with your desires! He loves you!

      With prayer and love,

  2. 😀 I totally understand where you’re coming from in this post. Nobody THINKS I’m the hopeless romantic type, but I really am…what girl isn’t? We all have desires and God willll fulfill them…just not on the timeline we’d like Him to. It’s all about trust.

    • Yes, God has a great plan and often that includes things that we wouldn’t have imagined that are much better for us anyway…but that’s skipping ahead to part 3! Whoops! 🙂

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