Part 3: Better Than Desire

This is the last post in a three-part series on trusting God and putting our desires aside. To read the first two parts, click here.

 ‘”God, I just want this too much.”

I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve said those words. Yes, my desires run deep. So deep that I constantly forget that the One who gave them to me has some even better ones in store. I just have to trust.

Sometimes though, that trust is much easier said than done. I remember sitting outside one dark night in the cold, overcome with grief and disappointment, and wondering if God could still hear me. I felt like He’d just taken the last thing that could ever possibly make me happy. “God, what are you doing?” I asked through trembling lips. And there was no answer that I could hear.

But God was still working. No, He didn’t stop. My ears may have been closed, but His hands were busy. I might have had strong desires, but His were stronger. If I could have seen or heard back then in my foolish state, I would have seen and heard great things. I would have watched the unneeded desires fade away, heard the voice of Love that was indeed whispering in my ear, and realized how happy I was with this new direction. God’s desire was at work.

And I remember when I decided on another cold, December night that even though I “couldn’t hear” God, I was just going to trust Him anyway. I had faith, somewhere deep inside. I believed, despite the pain that bit my soul. God was there, even when I was too deaf to hear. And so, I trusted.

Today, I see the fullness of God’s desire and my trust. There have been good conversations, days that just made me smile, and amazing opportunities. I’ve met amazing people and developed deep relationships. I am full of happiness and joy for the life that I have been given. Yet, it isn’t at all what I expected. No, there is no likeness to what I once wanted or thought I needed. That’s because God is better than desire. 

God, help me to trust you more. I know you know what you’re doing. I give you my life now. I surrender all. You are so very much better than desire.


7 thoughts on “Part 3: Better Than Desire

  1. I think saying “I surrender all” is probably one of the hardest things for a Christian to do. It encompasses EVERYTHING, and so often there are things that we want to keep. Good post, Liz. =)

    • Yes, it definitely is the hardest thing to do. I find myself saying it constantly as I go back to the old ways almost every day. Thankfully, God is merciful and forgiving and continues to give me His best even when I don’t give Him mine.

  2. Thank you for writing up these three posts, I am still a beginner with my Christian walk with God, and lately I have had this sense that God, has been tugging at my heart to surrender and trust Him that he has everything under control, but I’am finding it hard since the earthly figures that I was suppose to trust for protection and love as a child abused their authority. So now I am finding that I am like on cruise control with the notion that my trust is in God, but God, keeps pointing out to me that I keep taking back the wheel when I sense I am being pulled from my comfort zone. Anyways my point is your post help me see this trust factor with God, from a new perspective. 🙂

    • Hi Slik,

      You’re welcome! If this helped you at all, it must be God speaking through my humble words. I am glad that this could encourage you.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles but I am happy that you have found Jesus. All earthly figures will disappoint us, but He never will. Just keep trusting in Him!

      God bless!

  3. “And I remember when I decided on another cold, December night that even though I “couldn’t hear” God, I was just going to trust Him anyway.” This is a summary of how I feel sometimes. I just get so frustrated with life and I feel like saying, “Uhm, God, are you paying attention?!” but I *know* that he is. . . so we just have to give it up and trust God to know what’s going on.

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