In Love Forever This Time

I can’t count the many times I’ve fallen flat on my face with disappointment. A failing on my part or someone else’s. The hurt from a broken relationship. Misunderstandings, conundrums, and hasty words. I have been broken to the core, but not today. No, I fell in love for real this time.

It first happened that time when I was four. After the puppet show they asked all the kids who wanted Jesus to live inside of their heart to come up and I went. I didn’t really know exactly what it meant back then but I felt it as much as I could feel. I knew it was a love that would last forever.

Many years have come and gone since then and in turn, several disappointments have slashed my heart. Dreams I had that never came true. People and pets I wanted who left my life. Things that I thought I needed that really weren’t for me. Friends who hurt, betrayed, and lied. It’s a broken mess, ending as I speak.

But its in these moments that I remember the day so long ago when I gave my life to the love that lasts forever. And I believe and trust in Him all over again. He comes to me, wherever I am, and holds me close. There is no forgetting or fighting or betrayal with Him. His love is perfect and so is my need for it.

So tonight, I am not broken or sad or angry. Instead I am filled through the life of something greater. The hurt and the scorn and the tears don’t matter. The loves that I have loved in days gone by are truly gone. My eyes are focused on the One who deserves all attention, love, and praise. I am stepping closer to a relationship of true affection and desire and leaving the broken past. I am in love forever this time.


5 thoughts on “In Love Forever This Time

  1. What a great message! I feel like I say that a lot…but you truly have a gift of conveying spirituality and faith in your posts. How blessed.

  2. I remember the first time I fell in love. I walked up to my pastor, and my mom had to ask for me to be baptized. I lost my voice that night from leading praise and worship. I knew that He was the one for me….eleven years later here I am. Still in love. And you’re right a lot of things have happened like broken friendships, lame circumstances, and others. But the one thing that I love never left…He is so faithful! I’m so blessed, and I know I say it often but God is really using you.

    I love you, sister!

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