Dead Dreams Re-Born

The boy and girl were sixteen when they met. Just sixteen. Too young to know much of anything on matters of the heart, but still they thought that they knew everything. And the boy and girl had a dream that they were sure would last forever.

It started one summer’s day at church of all places. He was attracted to her and she liked him. They laughed, and chatted and worked side by side. He flirted and she enjoyed it. After one week, it seemed like their dream was meant to be.

Little by little, or quickly by quickly, I should say, things progressed. They chatted on the phone for half the night, sharing their hopes and dreams and thoughts on everything from wedding vows to 4-H animals, education to God’s own voice. And after a month he asked her if she liked him and she said yes. They promised to remain friends, and tell the other as soon as their feelings changed. But they were certain that their dreams were forever.

They passed through some more months full of school, stress, loss, and changing. It wasn’t perfect as the story books say — there were miscommunications, hurtful behaviours, and disagreements. The boy and girl continued with their long conversations, constantly flirting with desire and dreaming their dream.

But one day, the dream died. The boy’s feelings changed and he wasn’t sure how to tell the girl. Her feelings changed too, but she didn’t realize it. They talked on the phone one night and he told her. She cried and cried and cried. Their friendship ended, despite the promises and dreams they had once held. It was a mess of love and hate, confusion and sorrow.

But thankfully, dreams, even dead ones can be re-born. Because there’s a God who cares for the boy and girl, and for me and you more than we could ever know. He takes the devil’s hurt and turns it into joy. He gives us what we need and cancels the distractions. He is altogether good and all-knowing and He has the power to give our true dreams life. 

Today, the girl is thankful for the boy and the lesson that he taught her about growing up. She can see the immaturity of that first fall and even laughs upon it now. Instead of bitterness, she harbours only love for the boy who once seemed to kill her dreams. She thanks the Lord for the immaturity that brought her to this state, friendship that taught her about love, and the dreams that were killed to make room for the real thing. Her dreams have been re-born.

By the way, I know it’s true because one year ago, I was that girl. If your dreams have died, I am certain that they can come back alive.


4 thoughts on “Dead Dreams Re-Born

  1. Another great post. This was awesome. I am so glad that hurt that has gone away and been healed again. God has a way of doing that. He teaches us because He wants the very best for us.

    Love you!

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