Back To The Manger

The Christmas story has never been new to me. Okay, I guess I must have heard it for the first time at one point or another, but I really don’t remember that day. It’s always been the story in the bible that I’ve known the best and the one I’ve taken the most for granted.

But why? I wondered today. Why do I forget the glory of Christmas and treat it like just another party? The birth of Christ is probably the most magnificent and amazing event in the entire bible. A virgin conception. The birth of a king in a stable. Angels singing to shepherds, and men following a star and finding him. A Lord who came as a child to save the world. It is incredible, really. Why don’t we treat it as such?

Because we wrap Jesus up in our grief and stress, materialism and greed. We forget Him in the flurry of baking, shopping, and decorating. We worry about the to-dos and the performances and how we look, instead of remembering the glory of it all. The bible lies unheeded on our bed-side shelf. Slowly, but surely we lose sight of Jesus. We need to go back to the manger, where it all began.

I’m not telling you these things to be cliché or make you feel bad. Instead, I’m confessing my own sins. I’ve already lost sight of Jesus and it’s only the second week of December. I’ve wrapped Him up in my play, schoolwork, and other distractions. The bows are bright and the wrapping is colourful, but it isn’t real or good. It’s not what Christmas or life is all about. I must go back.

Jesus, I have failed so very much. You know my sins. Please forgive me. Here I am now, at the foot of the manger, to worship you and give you the Honour that you deserve.


4 thoughts on “Back To The Manger

  1. Amen sister! I love your transparency. I know that during this Christmas season I am trying very hard to stay focus on my Savior. It is so sad to think that we live in a world where we are invaded with commercialism.

    Keep focusing on the Lord! 🙂

    Love you!

  2. Your heart is so real through your words, I found your blog and immediately can see your love for Jesus and can identify with your struggles of wanting to glorify Him, not always knowing how. Think of the shepherds and wise men, called by Him, led by Him, to glorify Him. He is leading you! Your sister in Christ, Brittany

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