‘Tis The Season

It’s Christmas-time and I am overwhelmed. Not by the usual list of to-do’s or holiday engagements, but instead by the simple blessings of love, joy, and friendship. It’s the season for happiness and I am truly joyful this time.

Last week, I performed A Christmas Carol with some very wonderful people. We spent long hours inside of a theatre, pouring our hearts into one common passion. Together we went to the mall in stage make-up and Victorian up-dos, singing our Christmas songs as we walked. We made up songs, gave each other flowers, and celebrated in the success of our talents. Hard work became fun and acquaintances grew into dear friends. We shared joys, exhaustion, failure, hard days, and success. It wasn’t easy or even always fun, but today I miss it desperately because of those fabulous people.

I smile as I read emails from friends and reply. We talk about getting together and make plans. I remember the day that we met so long ago now. It was back then when I wondered what it was like to be happy and not feel alone. If only I could have known that I would someday come to experience the richness that I longed for.

I dream of baking cookies and cakes and all sorts of things for a party on Thursday. A dear friend and I plan the event together and we laugh over jokes from our play in the door way of her house. Joyous songs come from my lips at my voice teacher’s house and the piano rings with sweet Christmas melodies. Merryment is made and I marvel in it all.

This is the season for joy. It truly is. Every season and each day should be, of course but now more than ever we must remember that joy can indeed be a choice. It’s the time of the year that the Greatest Joy and the Truest Love came down. God sent his son, Jesus. Let us rejoice! Give thanks! I know that I will certainly be joyful this Christmas season and always because He has given me what it takes.


4 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season

  1. Congrats on your musical/play! That sounds exciting. Baking cookies is always a lot of fun. I haven’t done that yet this season but hopefull soon. I’m glad that you are in the CHRISTmas season! 🙂

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