At about 1:00 this morning, I used the year 2012 in a date for the first time. It was funny doing it. For some reason, I remembered back in the January of 2010 when it felt strange not to have the two zeros in the year. I messed it up so many times. This time though, it was just the last digit that was different. I didn’t have to scratch anything out. The new came easily to me on this morning.

I was writing a letter to myself to open next year. It was my friend’s idea and I think it will be a tradition for me, granted that I remember, over the years to come. I recalled my last new year and how happy I was for a change. I remember craving the new like a big piece of chocolate cake. 2011 looked so rich, filling, and sweet to me then.

Writing that letter made me realize how enjoyable this year has been for me. Yes, I had some ups and downs, but it was mostly a year of discovery. I found new joy, peace, and happiness. There was beauty and love and richness. It was a wonderful year.

But now that is all behind me. The new has come once more. This time, I don’t really know what I feel. I am not particularly eager to leave 2011, but neither am I entirely sentimental about it. Newness is good. It is mysterious, promising, and unmarred as of yet.

In my letter, I asked questions of myself. It was strange to ask them now. I wonder what my answers will be next year this time, when this new is old and another new is coming. What will the new year bring? What kinds of new does the Lord have planned?

While I wish I could know right now, at the same time I am happy with the mystery. I have a whole year before me, if the Lord allows it, filled with new experiences, feelings, and friendships. I cannot wait to discover this new.

God, thank you for newness. Thank you for making me new on the cross. Thank you for this year that has now passed and for the new and wonderful joys from it. And thank you for the promise of the new year. Please lead me through the sorrows and pleasures of 2012 and become my even better best friend.


10 thoughts on “New

    • Thank you, Daragh! May God bless you richly with joy, happiness, and discovery in this new year. Oh, you speak my language! Yay! ¡Muy bien, gracias! ¿Y tú? Haha, thanks, Sis!

  1. I am so joyful to read this post. It is almost midnight here (in almost two hours) marking the second day of the year, and I still have not blogged. I guess I could say that 2011 marked a lot of new experiences and fun times for me but also hardship and pain. I am encouraged to write my post now after reading your words about what you have gained. I love that God has been using you, and I will continue to pray for you, my friend.

    Now I gotta get started on my post….:)

    Love you!

  2. SUCH a cool idea! As soon as I read this post, I wrote a letter to myself, haha. Inspired.

    I agree with you. Newness is good. And so exciting! We’ve got a whole year to live, to learn, to make mistakes and laugh and grow and…wow. Who knows (besides God, of course) what’s in store? I guess we’ll find out!

  3. To start the New Year my sister and cousin had a pile up on top of one another. Guess who was on the bottom? ME! Have a wonderful 2012.

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