Date With God

This year, I have a date for Valentines. For the first time ever, I was asked out. Well, actually that would be a lie. He’s asked me before and I’ve accepted and rejected. On this day, I’m coming back again. 

Some of my friends don’t like Valentines Day. They complain about “not having a boyfriend to spend it with” or a “valentine to bring them flowers and chocolates.” In the past, I’ve kind of ignored the day for those reasons. I haven’t been bitter or anything, but to me, it’s usually just been another day of the year. Really, it is just another day of the year with an excuse to eat chocolate. However, last year, I began to realize something new: as a Christian, Valentines Day can be very special and important.

A year ago, I realized that God was wooing me. It didn’t matter who or what else was or wasn’t. I had Jesus and He loved me more. He was my Valentine and I didn’t need anything else.

Today, you find me a year older and not much wiser. I’ve changed and grown since then. I have new scars and wounds. I have to admit that in the last few months I’ve lashed out at God. I forgot His love and latched on to other things. I felt discontentment in relationships and blamed it on Him. I worried excessively and lost my trust in Him. When the going got tough, I tried to content myself with something else that I cherished. But when that got tough, I felt hopeless and alone. Needless to say, I’ve been angry and dissapointed and not totally in love.

God still pursued me. It’s funny to think how far away I thought He was when really He was right beside me. He provided all the provisions I needed. Every week, every day that I thought would turn out badly was taken care of in the end. I was taken care of. My heart was saved. He rescued me. It was the greatest chivalry ever performed. He is the best knight you could ask for.

So today, I’m going on a date with Him. I can’t ever fully repay Him for the services He’s shown, but that’s not the point. I’ve realized, that I want Him again. No matter what else happens or who enters my life, I need Him. I desire Him, deep down. So we’ll celebrate Valentines together. We already read the Psalms at breakfast. Soon, we’ll study Biology together, make some raisin bread and chocolate hearts, play the piano, study more Biology, write a history paper, and watch a movie. It’ll be the best Valentines Day ever. It won’t stop there. No, this is just the beginning of happily ever after. From now on, I want everyday to be a date with God.


7 thoughts on “Date With God

  1. Aww, Elizabeth, this is just the post I needed today. 🙂 My heart belongs to Jesus, period end of story. I almost feel sorry for all human men, having to live up to Him. . .;D

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