The Bend In The Road

For the last seventeen years, my life has been a fairly even road. I’ve stumbled on rocks and thorns, but they were along the path. I couldn’t always see them, but the road seemed somewhat the same from day-to-day. Even when I changed and grew, the road beneath my feet remained as always.

Two weeks ago, I dressed up like a princess and entered a room that felt strange and familiar. I knew many people, yet they were all dressed in gowns and suits and grown up. Some of the girls came escorted by the boys we used to think had cooties or something. All of us put on a cap and gown and took a diploma, signifying the completion of school. It was something we’d never done before.

Each of us gave a speech. We shared future plans for education and work. There were future nurses, teachers, lawyers, and artists in the crowd. We talked about God and how he had been so good. We spoke of our education and childhoods as if they were over because they are.

We threw our hats in the air. It is over, I thought. The Math, days at home, and studying all night. It is all finished at last. I looked around at my friends with fondness, remembering the plays and other fun times we’d had. The comradery, joy, and laughter. This was the last day of all that. I walked down the aisle alongside a good friend. People snapped pictures, my friends and family smiled and cheered. I looked at each one and could only smile. Our days together as they have been are over.

We danced the night away in our ball gowns and suits. I danced with joy for the happiness that I truly felt. I couldn’t be sad then. Even though it has come to an end.

I’ve had several days to ponder it all and think of the right words to describe it. There really are no right words. Everything from that night is still a blissful cloud that I cannot fathom.

Last night, my friend, Esther, and I talked about graduation and the road ahead. It is hard to comprehend that we’re really finished our homeschool years and all that entailed. We pondered about ten years down the road.

“It’ll be fun to see what everyone does,” she said.

“Yes,” I agreed, starting to imagine it all.

It will be fun though not without its trials. It will be hard and scary and strange. But God will go with us. We’re going to new places and meeting new people. The road is changing. There is a bend in it now. But the God who created the road never changes — no, He remains the same.


3 thoughts on “The Bend In The Road

  1. Yayyy! Congratulations on graduating, Liz.

    I agree. The world ahead will have challenges. But God has given us good feet for walking it. . .and good friends to stand by us and catch us as we fall!

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