Write That Book

“They tell me I should write a book because I know the truth. I know what happened because I was there,” he says, after paying for his item.


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My ears perk at the mention of writing a book and even though I’m hanging up clothes, I find a reason to sneak back to the till and get some more hangers.

“But I can’t write it on my own,” he continues, telling the cashier about how he has someone to help him, but he isn’t sure.

“I think you should write it,” I pipe up from behind the counter. “If you feel like you should write it, you should. And if you know the truth that others don’t know you should definitely write it.”

He agrees but tells me that his book is about memories from war and that those are not always pleasant to bring up.

I cannot properly understand a topic such as war, having never in my life been through the horrors and pain of it before. But I do know what its like to write about difficult things. And I know that if you can do it, you should

So I tell the man about my book and how it is about something hard, but that I think it is worth it because it is something that people must know the truth about.


I believe that God reveals truth to each and every one of us at several points in our life. It may be the same truth, continually told again and again. Or it could be several truths. But I believe that if God presents a truth to us, it is our job to share it with the world.

You don’t have to write a book about it–that may or may not be your calling. There are many other ways to share the truth that God has given you. Every truth would not fit into a book and God has given us all unique gifts and talents.

The point is — you must share. We must share. With our friends and neighbours and family. With our communities. With the world. We must offer the truth that we know, the light we can see, and the God that has shown them to us.


I ended up telling the man at the thrift store a bit about my book. It was the first time I’d ever told a stranger so specifically about “my book.” I didn’t tell him much and I still have to think of a fitting description while the book is underway.

I told him that my book, though not on war, is about a hard topic, but that I must write it because only I can and others need to know the truth.

So yes, I am writing a book right now. My writing attention is a little divided, as you can imagine. All of my creative energies go into that and I don’t think I ever realized how draining writing can be.

I don’t want to share a lot about the book yet — except that it is the truth God has set before me at this time. I’m finally, after a long time of writing a thousand first chapters and trying to run away, getting on with this calling and doing it. And it feels good.

So write that book. Do that mission. Go to that place. Love those people. Do what you are called to do and live how you were meant to live.



2 thoughts on “Write That Book

  1. Write that book! I am so happy that you are writing it and support you 110 percent 🙂 God has given you the gift of writing, and you are using it to bless others. That is wonderful! 🙂

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