The idea came at a bus stop, and I pounded it out in my notebook in the bus seat. Seven days and five drafts later. I had my idea for the simple assignment for Playwriting class–a scene with a reversal.

In Voice & Movement, our teacher takes our word of the moment at the beginning and end of class. She writes them down. My word that morning was “found.”

Found my scene, my inspiration.

Found peace in class that day. Joy in writing. Friendship when a classmate and I hung out in between class.

Found creativity and passion while crafting in the costume shop that Friday. Slowly, carefully I began to create a mask to wear in my play. Drew a design, picked out jewels and fabric and ribbons, and glued it all together.

Found fun over the weekend. Out for dinner after rehearsal one night to celebrate a friend’s birth. And out for another one the next.

Found work this past week as it all piled up. Quizzes, crew calls, rehearsals, journal entries, voice lessons. I found sweat and tears, sickness and exhaustion.

And finally, this weekend I found rest. Piled into bed at 8:30 PM Saturday night, a long day of rehearsal behind me. Only meaning to go for a short nap, I proceeded to sleep for 12 hours.

Sunday morning found me giddy on sleep and ready for a happy day. The bright July borrowed sun welcomed me. Church found me ready for worship, songs floating out of my mouth, and mind ready to receive the message. Friends, old and new, found me afterwards. I found joy all over again in an afternoon with friends, laughing and getting to know each other better.

This has been the consistency of my past week and a half. Simple days of hard work and little joys. Days of waiting and worrying and wondering as well, no doubt. Yet happy hours of peace and prayer, trickles of laughter and inspiration have found me in these first weeks of the new year.

You find me here today, anticipating another week and crazy days ahead. Yet content, somehow, to be who I am and find the future.

Because I’ve found beauty in the little and love in the great. And my Jesus has found me.

Many of you have already filled this out — thank you so much! If you haven’t, please take my short survey here and help me improve The Journey Home in the new year! The survey closes on January 31st so please fill it out ASAP! Your comments, especially your ideas, are most welcome!


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