Friday Favourites Link-Up: Round # 1

Hello Everyone!

This is the first post of a new feature I’m trying on my blog, Friday Favourites. To be honest, I’ve seen this on other blogs so in essence, I’m really just being a copy cat. But that’s okay as long as I give credit where credit’s due, right? After all, copying is simply a form of flattery!

Truly though, this comes out of a desire to share the wonderful insights and beautiful writing I have seen in the last little while. I usually share my favourites on Facebook and Twitter, but I’ve realized that doesn’t reach everyone. Plus, it’s not as easy to see everything in one place there. So here is a collection of my favourite finds from the last little while:

‘Guard Your Heart’ Doesn’t Mean Christians Can’t Date – A refreshing and insightful read from Sharon Hodde Miller over at Hermeneutics on guarding your heart while keeping your vulnerability and openness, too. This article seriously gave me so much hope, and has inspired me to continue guarding my heart once more, but in a healthier fashion than before.

Brotherly Love: Christians and Male-Female Friendships – I read this a while back, but it still rings true for me and hopefully many others. How does one go about being friends with the opposite gender in our society and even our church culture? Is it even possible? This article, written by Anna Broadway and also at Hermeneutics, sheds light on that and gives me hope for friendship.

We Need Feminism – This is perhaps the most controversial of the articles I’m posting, at least to those in the Christian community. But I believe feminism is one of the most important ‘hot topics’ in Christian culture right now, and one that we, at very least, ought to learn more about. Women and men need to be seen as human and as Christians we must lead the way in this. Feminism, I believe is part of that. I encourage you to read this post on author and speaker Rachel Held Evans’ blog. You may even be surprised as feminism is often not what most people think it is!

Make Room For Imaginary Friends [The Most Important Thing Your Child Can Do] – This is a beautiful post by my blogging friend Brittany over at The Gentle Home. She writes about how she and her husband are raising their children with more creativity and imagination and less technology. I found it quite inspiring!

Please check some of these posts out! They are all well-written, insightful, and encouraging.

PS Although today’s post includes my favourites from the last little while, in the future, I will just be posting my weekly favourites.


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