Friday Favourites: # Round 2

Only three links this week–there’s lots of good stuff out there, but I just haven’t had enough time to read, sadly.

In Which Depression Is NOT Your Fault — In the wake of Robin Williams’ sudden and tragic death, which rocked the world this week, there have been a lot of Facebook statuses, tweets, blog posts, articles–you name it–on suicide, depression, and mental illness. I’ve been sorely disappointed at the ignorance and mercilessness expressed by many Christians. However, this article by aspiring author of the recent book Jesus Feminist and blogger, Sarah Bessey captures the compassion and Christ-likeness those who are suffering need from us.

Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed — Most of you probably already know I’m not the biggest fan of courtship. Some of you, my readers, are, and some of you aren’t. Whatever side of the fence you stand on, I encourage you to read this (long) but informative and insightful article by Thomas Umstattd Jr., professional speaker and former courtship advocate. He takes us back to the picture of our grandparents time when “going on a date” literally meant going to a movie or having ice cream with someone of the opposite gender. Umstattd graciously points out the weaknesses of the courtship model we have righteously idealized in the Evangelical home school community for the past few decades, and sheds some light on other options.

3 Reasons You Need To Stop ‘Saving Your Heart’ — Along the same lines as the former post, I thoroughly enjoyed Taylor Turner’s article over at Inside Magazine. With, wit, humour, and insight, Taylor reveals three reasons why you may just want to stop saving your heart for that knight in shining armour (or princess with a white veil).

Happy reading!


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